screaming into the void

December 19, 2006 at 2:14 pm (nonfiction, rant)

i think looking at a pre-designed but completely empty blog page is more daunting that a blank sheet of paper.a blank sheet is all possibilities.this thing feels like a test. like i need to fill in the blanks.

oh well.

i keep wondering why i’m even here. i feel like i’m jumping on a bandwagon and doing it too late, to boot. i have other options for blogging. i’m on facebook, myspace, and okcupid, all of which offer some kind of blogging functionality. but i consider myspace so evil that i’m constantly on the verge of just deleting my account. in fact, i recently deleted every bit of information from my profile that i possible could. it hurts just to visit the site. viewing most profiles there makes me feel like someone is jabbing a broken toothpick into my optic nerves. facebook is okay, and i do post occaisional notes there, but mostly just things relating to school. okcupid is amusing, but well, as others have said, blogging on what is still, at its heart, an online dating site is kind of weird.

so i’m here.

as always, this kind of thing feels something like the intellectual equivalent of masturbation. it seems kind of fruitless and frivolous. but one of my brothers suggested it so i figured, “What the hell?” but still my brothers, Steev and Allan, both have blogs, but it seems like they have good reasons for them. do i? i’m not sure. to me it’s kind of like shouting into a canyon, hurling your words and thoughts into some huge space and listening to them bounce back to you. maybe that’s useful. maybe i don’t need other people to read this for it to have value. we’ll see.

so what’s this all about then?

well, to start with my assumption is, if you’re seeing this you’re either: a) me, b) someone i told about it. so i’m not gonna do the whole “about me” junk. you people know who am, more or less. beyond that, i suppose i’ll do what a lot of people do with blogs, rant about stuff they’re interested in.

i also intend to use this to post fiction. possibly pieces i’ve already written, but also possibly more spontaneous little fragments of fictive gibberish.

but more than anything else, i suppose it’s just a place for me to scream into the void.


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