stupid wordpress

February 25, 2007 at 10:21 pm (meta, rant)

okay wordpress isn’t quite as awesome as i first thought. i do like it much better than blogger so far, but i also ran into something the other day that just seems stupid.

when i post something, it puts the date and time i did so. it doesn’t sign the post, however. when i noticed this i thought it was strange. after some exploration and experimentation i realized that apparently it’s all based on the layout that i’ve chosen. some layouts show date, time, and name. some (like mine) just do date and time. some just do date and name.

what the hell is up with this!?

i can customize how my date and time is displayed, and that is cool. but why can’t i chose to have it sign my posts regardless of the layout i’m using? why aren’t date, time, and name options that can be selected or deselected for any blog? hell, why not have those options available for every post? it can’t be THAT hard, can it?

anyway, i’m the only writer on this blog, so having it sign my name is kind of redundant anyway… i just thought it was absurd that i can’t choose to have it do so without changing to a whole different layout.


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