26 hours

February 27, 2007 at 10:13 pm (news, nonfiction, rant)

on monday at three in the morning we lost power. or rather, to be more precise, our electricity went out.
this sucked.
for those who don’t live in the midwest, we had a lovely huge storm of snow, freezing rain, sleet, all that good stuff on saturday night. a lot of people lost their power.
we weren’t one of them.
i went to work on saturday afternoon, to campus to work an assigned weekend shift in the only mac lab on campus. it was supposed to be an eight hour shift, until midnight, but i was sent home after an hour and a half by campus security because they were locking up the whole building.
still, when i got home, we had power. i talked to a friend the next day – she had lost power for fourteen hours. i felt bad for her. i knew that didn’t sound like much fun. but i figured we were in the clear.
we hardly ever lose power where we live, and when we do its usually only for a few minutes at most.
the storm was all over by sunday.
but yet, on monday morning, something woke me up. i was wide awake and i didn’t know why. then i heard my computer shut down and everything else in the house that makes that house-filling kind of white noise suddenly stop. the house had that kind of quiet that it only ever has when it lacks any electricity.
i dragged myself out of bed, got my cell phone and checked the time. three am. i was awake enough at that point to even set the alarm on my cell phone in case the power didn’t come back on, or i was asleep when it did. but i figured it WOULD be back on, and soon. it wasn’t.
in the morning, seeing that there still was no power, i decided i might as well go to school early and work on things in the library before my eleven am class, since i couldn’t do anything other than read at home. after my classes were over at one, i called home. still no power. i stayed at the library to work.
the outage continued.
even stranger, to me, was the fact that not only had it started after the storm was over, but our power lines are underground. i wondered if it even was connected to the storm, or did we just have the bad luck to have this happen when thousands of other people had lost power due to the storm. the people behind us had power, the people one block away had power. maybe a dozen houses on our block were affected.
finally, the electricity came back on at six in the morning on tuesday.
twenty six hours without power.
it was frustrating, but i can’t claim it was traumatic in any way. more annoying than anything else, and it made me think for awhile about just how much i (and most people in our society) rely on electricity, and electricity provided by an outside source. it made me wish for a “green” house with solar panels, batteries, and bio-fuel powered generators. i hated being paralyzed, driven from my home because of this.
anyway, i’m not sure where else i’m going with this. i just know that being without electricity made me feel “powerless” in more ways then one. it reminded me of how completely dependent most people are on electricity, and that worries me quite a bit.


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  1. Allanimal said,

    I know what you mean (not that I have been withot power for a while). If everyone could have a personal breeder reactor, then these problems would be over. The may be new problems, but who cares. At least we’d have nearly limitless power!

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