are you kidding me?

March 8, 2007 at 12:51 pm (nonfiction, personal, rant)

my computer angers me.
windows angers me.
windows media player and itunes anger me.

normally i don’t complain about computer things. as one of my brothers put it fairly recently, since i use windows so i pretty much expect computers to suck. but not QUITE this much.

i buy music from itunes.
there are a lot of annoyances associated with this, but despite them i have continued to do so. in fact, i don’t think i’ve bought a physical cd since i aquired my ipod.
itunes is kind of bastard. it pisses me off that they want to control what i do with my music after i have paid them for it, but i continue to utilize their store anyway because the music is cheaper and i can find all kinds of stuff there that i could never find in a physical store in my area.

so i just recently went on a bit of an itunes shopping spree. among other things i bought the album “Taiga” by this japanese group OOIOO. i don’t have anything else by them, though i think i may have heard a song or two before. apparently they are an all girl group and a side project of the Boredoms. i don’t have any albums by the Boredoms either. so don’t really ask me why i decided to buy this except that it sounded cool.

and it does. i listened to it last night and it is totally awesome. i do not regret this purchase whatsoever. in fact, i’ll almost definitely have to check out more of their music and maybe the Boredoms as well now.

one of the steps i take whenever i buy something on itunes is to burn it to a real cd. after all, if my hard drive and ipod both die, i don’t want to lose all the music i have. a common second step is for me to rip the newly burned cd into mp3s. i don’t really like the itunes m4p format. the drm is annoying as hell, plus the format just isn’t very universal. anyway, i’ve done this with a lot of my cds and never had any problems.

but today windows media player, which i use for the ripping, decided to choke on track 2 of taiga. the first time it did this it just froze WMP. i had to kill it and it wouldn’t come up again. i rebooted the computer. second attempt it chokes on track 2 again and this time freezes the WHOLE SYSTEM! i reboot. again. now i’ve decided that either my blank had a problem or itunes screwed up in the burning. so i reburn.

this time everything seems to work okay.
but, as i’m writing this and i decide to check some things in itunes and play a song, the whole thing starts getting choppy and unresponsive and just slow as hell.

stupid, stupid itunes. stupid, stupid windows.

why the hell can’t WMP recognize when a track on a cd is corrupt? does this happen with other media players? i just can’t believe that a flawed track on an audio cd can cause an entire computer operating system to lock up completely and utterly. what the hell!? are you kidding me?


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