self-control – the editor’s cut

March 8, 2007 at 12:58 pm (meta)

so this is cool, right?
shortly after i turned in the extended version of “self-control” that was requested by some of the people on the quercus group (because they were confused and said they wanted more information) i am informed that a couple of the votes needed for the piece to get in are contingent on my making another alteration. specifically they want it to be SHORTER again. shorter even than the original!
very weird.
when i first heard this i was frustrated and angry and tempted to tell them where to stick it.
but i also had only had 4 hours of sleep, so that might have been part of it.
anyway, i did cut the story and i guess it still works, but i think i liked the longer version better.
but it does mean that both of my stories are probably (as far as i know nothing is for sure yet) going into the journal. which is cool. i’ll post the final version of both of them here once it is for sure.


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