killing more

March 12, 2007 at 5:48 pm (meta)

so the cool kids have told me that wordpress’s “more tag” which lets a person put a little intro or whatever at the top then a link to, i dunno, “click to read more” or something along those lines kinda sucks when you’re reading a feed reader. i’d kinda noticed this myself with my own reader rss bandit (which is a pretty decent one as far as i’ve noticed. if you use windows and don’t already have a favorite news reader, check it out). with some feeds i can read the whole post right there in the reader window, with others i need to click the post’s link and open it in firefox. this isn’t a big problem – i always have firefox open anyway – but i still prefer the convenience of reading it right there in the reader window. apparently one of the culprits with this problem are things like the wordpress “more” option. so i’m killing it. it made my blog page look more neat and tidy not to have the entire contents of the longer posts splatted right across the main page, but whatever. chances are i’ll decide to switch back in a couple days anyway. i’m like that.


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  1. Allanimal said,

    you use windows? ewww.

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