March 15, 2007 at 6:37 pm (announcement, meta)

well it’s official. both “sense of self” and “self-control” are going to be in the next publication of the st. ambrose creative arts journal quercus. that’s pretty cool, i guess. i’m fairly happy with how the whole thing turned out, and i’m glad that i’m not the only one who likes what i write, though i did gather that my stories were a bit controversial. its not like the group was unanimous in wanting them in. still, they did get in, so all in all, i guess i win, or something. whatever.

now i gotta decide if i’m going to read them at the reception/showing thingee they do at the end of the semester. i probably will, i guess, though i’ve always been a bit hesitant to read in front of groups. i doubt the quercus reading/showing is attended by huge numbers of people, but i’ve only read my stories to the 10 or so people in my fiction workshop last semester and like 4 people who came to a creative writing club meeting a month back, and in both cases i knew most everyone there pretty well. oh well. according to one of my favorite writers, greg stolze, doing readings is something you generally gotta do if you want to try to be writer who makes money at it, so i suppose i might as well get used to it.

anyway, once i confirm that the last things i submitted are the official, final versions of the stories i’ll do updates here so everyone can see what made the final cut.


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  1. Allanimal said,

    You have to get rid of the annoying as hell SNAP pop up thingy that shows up if you hover over a link. That is horrible.

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