quercus reading tonight

May 1, 2007 at 3:51 pm (announcement, nonfiction)

so tonight is the reception/art show/reading for quercus, the st. ambrose creative arts journal. i’ve got two short stories in it. very short stories. i’m supposed to read one of them, and i don’t really feel like it.

as has probably been obvious from anyone watching this blog at all, i haven’t felt very good lately. yesterday and sunday i was seriously starting to consider just not showing up tonight. there’s going to be plenty of people reading their stuff so it’s not like it would really matter.

still, i don’t want to let depression, nervousness, and shyness get the better of me, so i suppose i’ll do my best to suck it up and go do it.

i’m not really sure which of the two stories i should read. my advisor suggested that i read “self-control” (the one in the magazine is a cut version of the one i currently have posted her, though) because it has more action and might be less confusing. last night i read both it and “sense of self” out loud in the privacy of my own dark, basement room, though, and i noticed a lot of problems that “self-control” still has. “sense of self” on the other hand, i feel is much more polished, pretty much “finished.” so i really don’t know. i’ll probably try to ask my advisor about it again before the thing starts tonight.

anyway. afterwards i’ll type up the stories as they were published (though i’ll probably fix the true typos like spelling errors and misplaced periods and whatnot) so people can see.

wish me luck. retroactively, if you have to. i hate speaking/reading in front of people.


1 Comment

  1. Allanimal said,

    so, how did it go?
    which one did you read?

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