holy crap, the semester is over . . .

May 7, 2007 at 3:22 pm (meta)

a little hard to believe.
this is finals week.
i gots a paper to revise
a paper to write
and a take home final
then it’s over
for one week
then summer class starts

hmm. anyway. i may have mentioned before that i’m going to be working on a novel throughout the next year. was going to try to kick it out in one semester, but for various reasons, since i’m going to do it as an independent study “class” or whatever and get some college credit for it, it’s getting spread across the year.

that’s good in some ways. gives me more time to work on it. on the other hand, it could be bad. it means i’ll have to set deadlines for myself. i gotta make myself write about 25 pages a month. not all that much at all, but the fact that it’s so little means my procrastination gland kicks in and i run the risk of not actually doing it.

so everyone should harass me about it whenever you talk to me or send me a message.


i’m going to put up a word-count meter once i actually have something written (been doing some planning, but haven’t actually written anything yet. starting once the semester officially ends) and if you don’t see that thing increasing and you’re talking to me or communicating with me in some way, you should be asking me why i haven’t written any more.

also, if people are interested, i have some other stuff i can put up here. the odds and ends i wrote for advanced fiction last semester (all kind of connected to “self-control”) and a short story i just did for an assignment for my introduction to literary study class. not sure how great that one is, personally, but i got an A on the assignment, so it can’t be too awful. i’ll try to get some of that stuff up in the next week.


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