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May 21, 2007 at 8:30 pm (meta)

well it’s time. i finally sat down and wrote a small scene from what i’m hoping will eventually turn into a novel. i’m aiming for 80k words in a year. getting that many words written in that time frame shouldn’t be a problem. the challenge will be making it a coherent, solid story.

i’m willing to share what i write for the novel on here, if people would like, but i’m not really sure HOW i want to share it. i’m not sure i want to do it as normal posts, but if i post them as separate pages, i’m not sure that gets sent out on the feed at all. anyway, since i don’t feel like experimenting with it or even thinking too hard about it right now, i’ll put this first scene up as a normal post, with the normal password. if i do decide to put it up in a different way, i’ll probably use a new password for it too.

but anyway. here it is. tentatively titled “traumstadt”



  1. steev said,

    why not post them as normal posts? what’s the big deal?

    btw what’s traumstadt mean?

  2. brian said,

    i suppose i’m hesitant to do normal posts because i know i’m going to be writing stuff out of order. i can’t even imagine attempting to write my novel in order from page 1 to 300. stuff is going to be very fragmentary and weird, and i dunno. i’m also not sure i want it announced to anyone who looks at the blog. granted there are only about 2 of your, but still… i dunno right now.

    traumstadt is supposed to mean “dream city” but i was talking to jeannette and allan today and it might not really mean what i want it to mean. i want it to mean “dream city” as in a city literally existing only within dreams, but jeannette said (i think) that it probably means more like “the city of my dreams” like an “ideal city.” so i may end up changing it. it’s german because i’m going to try to draw on some jungian (and maybe freudian?) ideas so german seemed an appropriate language. plus it’s a cool language. :)

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