melt banana – a few more thoughts

June 2, 2007 at 7:47 pm (Uncategorized)

incidentally, as i wrote my last post it occurred to me that i haven’t listened to any of my older melt banana albums for a very long time. my tastes in music have changed quite a bit since i saw them in concert so long ago. it’s entirely possible that i’d find those older albums much more listenable than i remember them. i think i ought to listen to a bit of Charlie and see if my opinion is the as it used to be.

well. i definitely find it more listenable than i used to. on the other hand, my overall opinion has not changed. there are some major differences in style between their Charlie and Cell-Scape and Bambi’s Dilemma. i’m aware that even charlie isn’t their oldest album. somewhere i have a cd with Speak Squeak Creak and Scratch or Stitch on it which are even earlier albums, but since they aren’t in my itunes library (or on my computer at all) and i’m not entirely sure where the album is, charlie is the easiest earlier album i can go to.

so yeah. i think i could grove on earlier melt banana more than i used to be able to, but my belief that cell-scape and bambi’s dilemma represent substantial evolution of melt banana’s style still holds, as does my belief that this evolution, especially in the form of bambi’s dilemma, is totally fucking awesome.

so check it out.

but if my first post about melt banana didn’t make it clear… this stuff isn’t going to appeal to everyone. there are probably a lot more people who would think it’s completely awful than those who (like me) think it’s totally awesome. so, you know, if you’re curious, find a way to get a taste of it before you try to consume an entire album.


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