help me out!

October 20, 2007 at 1:15 pm (announcement, nonfiction, personal)

progress on my novel has, frankly, been pitiful. i just have NOT been working on it nearly as much as i should have. but now that my t’ai chi class is done, i will have much more free time on tuesdays and thursdays so i have even less reason not to work on it.

i am going to make an promise to myself to work on it for one hour every day.

but i suck at keeping myself honest about these kinds of things, so i’d like your help.

if you talk to me, whether face-to-face or on the internet, ask me if i’ve done any writing on my novel yet. if i say no, tell me to get on it.

seriously, this would help me a lot! please harass me for my own good!



  1. steev said,

    just like with meditating (or probably t’ai chi, i’m guessing) or any stuff that requires daily discipline, it is often best done at a regular time of day, and i’ve found that first thing in the morning was a great time for me to get my daily word count goals done when i was writing my novel. so get up early, go to a cafe and don’t leave tll you’ve pounded out 1000 or whatever your goal is…

  2. anon said,

    steev’s suggestion sounds good, except with your classes and work, you probably won’t do it in the morning. however, that said,GET UP ONE HOUR EARLY, shower and dress, etc. THEN get out of the house, find a place that is quiet [no friends] and WRITE, WRITE, WRITE

    19% is not a novel

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