Firewater – The Golden Hour

May 7, 2008 at 8:39 pm (announcement, news, nonfiction)

firewater is back!
after far, far too long, there is a new album, and it’s really fucking awesome!
yeah, well, i’m biased. but seriously, even i’ll admit there are firewater songs i’m not too fond of. on most of their albums there are some songs i really really LOVE and some i could totally do without and tend to skip when they come up on the shuffle.
the golden hour is completely and utterly solid, though. it’s ALL good, in my opinion. some of the songs are better than others, of course, but there isn’t a single one that i don’t like.

as if this wasn’t good enough, they’re playing in chicago on the 30th of the month. i really want to go. i should. i could, as far as i know. but i really don’t like the idea of going to concerts all by my lonesome, and none of my best friends are big firewater fans.

so consider this a call for a favor and companionship. if you’re interested in checking out a really interesting, excellent, and unusual band live and don’t mind a trip to and from chicago to do so, let me know. and, of course, if you’d like to know what they sound like before considering such a thing, let me know. i’ll be glad to give you a taste of the awesome. chances are you’ll know pretty quick whether you like them or not.


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Quercus Reading ’08!

April 24, 2008 at 6:03 pm (announcement, news)

so let this be an invitation to anyone i know locally that actually reads this:
come to the Quercus Reading and Art Show on Tuesday the 29th of May at 7pm in the Ambrose Hall Board room at St. Ambrose University in Davenport! it’s gonna be awesome! especially the whopping two page short long short story i’ll be reading!

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help me out!

October 20, 2007 at 1:15 pm (announcement, nonfiction, personal)

progress on my novel has, frankly, been pitiful. i just have NOT been working on it nearly as much as i should have. but now that my t’ai chi class is done, i will have much more free time on tuesdays and thursdays so i have even less reason not to work on it.

i am going to make an promise to myself to work on it for one hour every day.

but i suck at keeping myself honest about these kinds of things, so i’d like your help.

if you talk to me, whether face-to-face or on the internet, ask me if i’ve done any writing on my novel yet. if i say no, tell me to get on it.

seriously, this would help me a lot! please harass me for my own good!

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quercus reading tonight

May 1, 2007 at 3:51 pm (announcement, nonfiction)

so tonight is the reception/art show/reading for quercus, the st. ambrose creative arts journal. i’ve got two short stories in it. very short stories. i’m supposed to read one of them, and i don’t really feel like it.

as has probably been obvious from anyone watching this blog at all, i haven’t felt very good lately. yesterday and sunday i was seriously starting to consider just not showing up tonight. there’s going to be plenty of people reading their stuff so it’s not like it would really matter.

still, i don’t want to let depression, nervousness, and shyness get the better of me, so i suppose i’ll do my best to suck it up and go do it.

i’m not really sure which of the two stories i should read. my advisor suggested that i read “self-control” (the one in the magazine is a cut version of the one i currently have posted her, though) because it has more action and might be less confusing. last night i read both it and “sense of self” out loud in the privacy of my own dark, basement room, though, and i noticed a lot of problems that “self-control” still has. “sense of self” on the other hand, i feel is much more polished, pretty much “finished.” so i really don’t know. i’ll probably try to ask my advisor about it again before the thing starts tonight.

anyway. afterwards i’ll type up the stories as they were published (though i’ll probably fix the true typos like spelling errors and misplaced periods and whatnot) so people can see.

wish me luck. retroactively, if you have to. i hate speaking/reading in front of people.

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March 15, 2007 at 6:37 pm (announcement, meta)

well it’s official. both “sense of self” and “self-control” are going to be in the next publication of the st. ambrose creative arts journal quercus. that’s pretty cool, i guess. i’m fairly happy with how the whole thing turned out, and i’m glad that i’m not the only one who likes what i write, though i did gather that my stories were a bit controversial. its not like the group was unanimous in wanting them in. still, they did get in, so all in all, i guess i win, or something. whatever.

now i gotta decide if i’m going to read them at the reception/showing thingee they do at the end of the semester. i probably will, i guess, though i’ve always been a bit hesitant to read in front of groups. i doubt the quercus reading/showing is attended by huge numbers of people, but i’ve only read my stories to the 10 or so people in my fiction workshop last semester and like 4 people who came to a creative writing club meeting a month back, and in both cases i knew most everyone there pretty well. oh well. according to one of my favorite writers, greg stolze, doing readings is something you generally gotta do if you want to try to be writer who makes money at it, so i suppose i might as well get used to it.

anyway, once i confirm that the last things i submitted are the official, final versions of the stories i’ll do updates here so everyone can see what made the final cut.

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posting stories

February 22, 2007 at 3:31 pm (announcement, nonfiction)

okay, my loyal readers (both of you) here is the plan:
when i write a story, it’s going to be password protected.
for now, i plan that every story will probably have the same password.
this might change, but i doubt it. i can’t see much reason to use more than one.
i will probably give the password to anyone who asks.
at the moment i’m going to just go ahead and send the password to everyone i suspect might want to read this.
if you somehow come across my blog without knowing me ahead of time, well then you can email me, or request the password in a comment and i’ll email it to you.

enjoy! happy reading!

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