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September 30, 2007 at 1:07 pm (nonfiction, personal) (, , , )

well it seems like maybe its time to do another one of these things.
the first semester of my last year at st. ambrose is pretty well underway at this point. it’s still a bit too early to know just how intense this semester will be, but things are going fairly smoothly so far. the semester should be less brutally english focused than some of my previous semesters. i’m knocking out a lot of gen ed requirements this time. my only two english classes are american lit 1 (last required lit course! w00t.) and senior seminar. am lit has a lot of short papers in it, and senior sem has one really long paper, the topic of which is pretty much up to us. i’ve decided to write about the haruki murakami novel kafka on the shore. so by no means is this going to be a light semester as far as the english is concerned, but i don’t have huge amounts of reading to do like i did in the spring.
other classes include: history of ancient philosophy (a very lecture heavy course – there isn’t even a text book), bio-medical ethics (with the same teacher i had for vanilla-flavored ethics last semester, and as such, a very enjoyable course so far), politics and film (i’m not really sure how i feel about this one so far, honestly. doesn’t seem like it will be difficult, however), and finally t’ai chi.

away from classes, but still related to school, i started worked in the tech services department at the st. ambrose library this year instead of in the computer lab. since i’m strongly considering going to grad school for an mls, i thought i should have at least a little experience working in a library. so far i like it. i don’t have nearly as much free time to work on homework while getting paid for it (in fact, i don’t have any of that) but i’m also rarely bored. and all of the librarians are really nice people. i will tell you this much though, if i am ever in any position of authority in library, i’m going to make sure that if the library is named after a person, that person’s name won’t actually be put onto any materials. you never know what can happen to disgrace a person, potentially resulting in a name change for the library. and being required to remove part of a name from every single book in a library is no small task. if you don’t understand to what i’m referring, just read this quad-city times article.

on other topics… as usual i’m not doing nearly as much work on my novel as i really ought to be. so once again, i extend the request to anyone who reads this to feel free to harass me about it any time you talk to me. i need pressure! i’m not good at putting pressure on myself.

since gen con, i’ve also been trying to do more gaming. i’ve acquired a fairly large number of roleplaying games that i’ve never actually played, and i’ve made it a goal to play more of them. i’ve been intending to do more short term games so that i can experience a variety of things.
towards this end, i had a bit of a geeky gaming party on labor day weekend that went quite well. we didn’t play any roleplaying games, but we did play a few other games including the deluxe version of kill dr. lucky, a few rounds of ca$h n’ gun$, and a round of the big idea. fun was had by all.
the plan to play more rpgs hasn’t been going that well unfortunately, but i did get the chance to finally play the shab-al-hiri roach this weekend. i’ll be doing a play report in a separate post.
finally, on the gaming front, i’m undertaking a small quest to try to get a few of my non-gamer friends from school to try something. we haven’t done anything yet, but given the large variety of different games i have, and the fact that a LOT of the new ones i have put almost their entire focus on telling stories rather than mechanics and rules, i think they could be a lot of fun. currently i’m really interested in trying to get a couple friends from school to join me in a game of dirty secrets, a game made for telling noir crime stories. i think it would be really cool to set the story on and around the ambrose campus. another friend of mine has expressed some interest in playing a game i have called grey ranks which is about teenage soldiers during the doomed warsaw uprising of 1944. i think this game also sounds really cool (if rather grim and dark) but not that many other people seem keen on it. apparently they don’t find the idea of playing child soldiers who are quite likely to die or go crazy and whose overall mission is doomed to failure to be a fun way to spend their time. go figure.

well i think thats enough of an update for the moment. i’m going to wrap this up so i can do the AP report for the game of the roach we played on saturday.


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